Welcome to the CK Backyard Farm! We are just two people who have a love for animals (except spiders) and are transforming our backyard into a mini farm! We are located in the middle of Denton, Texas, sitting on 0.3 acres of land!

CK Backyard was established on January 13, 2019, after following Instagram pages that were showing pictures of their farm and animals! We had just gotten our new shell babies and I wanted to share the pics on Instagram and Facebook but I hate being that person posting every day and bothering my followers! So, I created an Instagram account for our animals! We then needed a name, so CK Backyard was formed (later changed to CK Backyard Farm)!

The CK is both of our first name initials (Cody and Katy)!

We are Katy and Cody and we met in May of 2017 after meeting on Bumble and then met in person! On our second date, we both established we loved animals and both wanted a farm! It was then we knew we would build a farm together!

We both work full time but when we grow up, we want to be staying at home mom/dad and farmers! LOL

We’ve had to find time around our busy work schedules to build our farm from the ground up! But, we’ve managed to build a fence, patio, corral fence, and a chicken coop in the last 10 months and we’ve enjoyed every minute! *Update: we now have a new bunny hutch, and pig pen!

While building our mini farm, we’ve adopted 8 animals (AU the pup and Kingsley the tortoise we had before we moved into our house)! The two tortoises were adopted on January 12, 2019, the bunnies were adopted on February 9, 2019, and the chicks hatched on June 3 and arrived on June 4, 2019! We have 10 animals together and we want more!

*Update…April 27, 2020: We know have 16 animals! We had another hatch of baby chicks (4), we adopted 2 new tortoises, a pig, and a new dog!!

*Update…May 16, 2020: We know have 20 animals! We adopted 4 new baby chicks!!

Animal count: 2 dogs, 4 tortoises, 2 bunnies, 11 chickens, 1 pig

This is a space for us to establish our mini farm in hopes that we can continue to build and show that you can bring the country to the city!

Thanks for following our journey!


Logo Artwork by Amanda Black


INSTAGRAM : @ckbackyardfarm

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/ckbackyardfarm

LOCAL HENS: https://localhens.com/farms/ck-backyard-farm/