Animals on the Farm

Here you will find pics and information about the animals we have on the farm!



We are so super excited to announce that we are officially Potbellied Pig mom and dad! We adopted her on November 23, 2019!We were just about to leave the convention because we had already adopted our two new torts, Kosmo and Koopa, and we saw this guy caring around this thing! We both said, “was that a pig?!!”

Sure enough it was a pig and we were like, huh that’s interesting! So as we were walking out, we saw a sign that said, “Live Animals for Sale”. So, of course, we went through just to see and there she was! She was in a little play pen and when fur dad picked her up, he fell in love and say, “yup we are bringing her home!” 

April 25, 2020-the day she moved outside!! We finally have built her a home in the corral with the chickens and bunnies and she loves it! She loves being outside with the wind in her face and eating AS MUCH grass as possible!!

DIY here


We currently have 4 tortoises living in our guest room! 2 are almost big enough to be moved outside!

Our two oldest are Ragnar the Sulcata Tortoise and Kirby the Leopard Tortoise. They were adopted on January 12, 2019 !

Our two youngest are Kosmo and Koopa, both are Sulcata Tortoises and were adopted on November 23, 2019, same day as our Suzy the Potbellied Pig!

We hope to one day have an outdoor tortoise enclosure for them. For now, they live in our guest bedroom where we have built an indoor enclosure for them! You can find that here !


Oh, our poor bunnies! Honestly, they are living the life here on the farm! They were adopted in hopes that we could breed them. Turns out Walter is fixed and Winnie is too old to have babies. So there’s that. Now, they spend their days eating carrots, romaine, and pellets along with watching the charades of Suzy the Potbellied pig chasing the chickens all day long!

We adopted them on February 9, 2019 and since then they have been upgraded to their Rabbit Hole Hutch and are living the dream!

Walter is a male Holland Lop Bunny and is considered one of the smallest lop-eared breeds! He loves breakfast time and tends to hog the food bowl! He loves carrots and romaine lettuce and he LOVES cilantro leaves! He will always come to you if you have food! And if you hand feed him, he’ll let you give him booty scratches! 

Winnie is a female Lionhead Rabbit sheds so much!! She is about 2-3 years as well and her sassy teenage attitude shows! She is very friendly and will run up to you whether you have food or not! But, she doesn’t like to be held! She is very sassy as I’ve said and some mornings she’ll come over and love me and the next she refuses to eat! But, we love her!