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DIY Pig Pen

We FINALLY built Suzy the Potbellied Pig her home outside! She was getting too big for our guest bedroom! So here is our DIY Pig Pen! It turned out better than I ever thought!! Fur Dad did an awesome job with his blueprints of what he wanted and I, of course, added my finishing touch on it!

Her area in the corral is an 8ft x 8ft area! She’s fenced in with chicken wire on top due to the chickens trying to get in!!

Suzy’s Home
24in x 48in
25in x 36 in x 48 in

The door is great for her now because she’s not so big. Later down the road, we will have to cut that door wider and taller pr probably build her a new home!

Suzy’s Home!
We adding roofing that’s super cheap and will help with rain!

She is LOVING it out her! Her first couple of nights she has not fought it and we found her asleep in her home the second night!!

Will add more pics when the decorations come in!!

DIY Outdoor Tortoise Mini Enclosure

Sometimes, when the weather is nice enough, we like to take the tortoises outside but don’t want to lose them in the grass!

We actually got this idea from a guy we follow and love, Backyard Rancher . He has this mini enclosure and we decided to create our own!


-two 2×6 boards (always get an extra one incase you mess up 🙂 )

-one 1×1 board

chicken wire


-staples/staple gun


-measure your 2×6 boards to the square foot box you want. Ours is about 3ft by 2 ft. Drill those together to make a box.

-we measured the 1×1 to be about the width of the box and we drilled two of those into the sides so the chicken wire doesn’t bend in

-chicken wire was stapled into the bottom and you’re done. It was really simple and an easy mini box for them to get some sun rays!

We always add a little water bowl to the outside mini box enclosure!

We also have a lot of wood just laying around the shed so we put up a small board on half of it just so the tortoises have the option of sun bathing or not. Our mini box enclosure is also dog proof…unless your dog is untrained and pees wherever they want 🙂

TAAADAAA! Mini outdoor box enclosure for the littles!

DIY Indoor Tortoise Enclosure

Tortoises don’t need too much space but they need more than a small fish tank. So, fur dad built us our own tortoise enclosure and we just love it!


-one 4×8 3/4inch red oak plywood

-three 2×3 boards

-chicken wire

-pond lining


-staples/staple gun


-we measured our oak plywood 6ft by 2ft by 2ft and screwed together to create the box

-measure your desired length between the dirt and the lighting. Our lighting is about 19 inches above the dirt and tortoises.

-two 2×3 planks on each side hold up two 2×3 planks across the length of the entire enclosure.

-chicken wire was placed over the the top of two planks that will hold up the lighting.

-we stapled the pond lining into the bottom of the box that’s about 1 ft deep and it sits above the dirt

-we added a little hide box that we made from extra plywood…we just measured the inside of the box width/helight/length and the top is not attached

TAAADAAA! Tortoise enclosure!

DIY Chicken Swing

Chickens need swings…right?!

Our chicks love to climb but we don’t want them to fly/climb out of the corral. So we figured if we just added fun things for them to do, they wouldn’t want to escape!


One 2×6 plank…we made ours about 24 inches long

drill two holes on each side

rope…as long as you want it to be

We tied the rope and wrapped it around a sturdy tree branch!


Chicken swing in full motion!

Saying Goodbye…Again

On September 29, 2019, our little Leopard Tortoise, Sir Kingsley, passed away in his sleep.

He was our sick, little tortoise that we’ve had for about a year and 10 months. The reptile vet told us that back in November 2018, that he would only last another month from calcium deficiency. He held on for another 10 months, met his 2 new brothers, and had a good life following his sickness.

We are so sadden by his leaving, but we know he had a great life on the farm. He is now buried out in our pet cemetery with our chick Zulu!

We miss you Kings!

DIY Fence Corral and Gate

When we first moved into our home, we knew we wanted an area for our mini farm! We have this perfect Grandmother Willow tree in a back corner of the backyard! So we measured it out and decided that’s where our animals would roam free!

we measured out our 650-750 square foot area
fence posts are 4×4 – the boards are 2×6 -post base from Lowe’s
chicken wire on the inside stapled
fence painted white, fence on top 3/4 inch pvc pipe with meshed rolled fencing from Lowe’s
2×2 for the perimeter and fence paneling for door
hinges and lock from Lowe’s

We are obsessed with our mini farm corral! In all the corral fence has cost us an estimated $300 total for a DIY!

4×4 fence posts = here

2×6 boards for fence = here

chicken wire surrounding fence = here

gate hinges= here gate lock= here

green post= here

3×4 pvc pipe= here

green mesh netting = here

fence panels= we had extra fence panels from when we built our backyard fence!

Saying Goodbye

 It is with great sorrow that I announce we have lost one of our own. On Wednesday, July 31, 2019, We lost Zulu, our Blue Easter Egger to a freak accident. A dog (not our AU) got to her. Our chicks have been super brave lately as they’ve been jumping up onto the ledge of the fence corral inside of our backyard fence. So, even if they get out of the corral, they’re still safe in our backyard. Well, their dog was let out and chicks got out and they found her.

It truly breaks our hearts and we’ve been in mourning ever since we found out.
Zulu was a great leader as a little chick and let Millie Mae kind of take more control as they grew up in these last few weeks! But she still lead our group of chicks and was always the first to greet us in the morning. She also was the culprit who would stand in the snack bowl and dig it all up so the snack would end up on the ground…and it used to make me sooo mad. But, now, I wish she was here, dumping her snack bowl.

This is our first time as chicken owners and we are learning everyday. It’s hard to get different animal species to coexist, especially ones that aren’t ours. We are in mourning and as we’ve learned and researched, other chicks in the flock know sadness too. So we are hoping this incident hasn’t traumatized them. AU our labradoodle is definitely saddened by the news as well. He either saw all of it happen or he knows we are super sad. So he’s been so cuddly and loving on us, knowing it’s exactly what we needed in a time like this. All we can do is move forward and learn from this lesson.

Zulu, we miss you so much and it’s just not the same without our fourth! We hope you are in chicken heaven and having so many snacks and mealworms to eat 🖤🐓🌺

CK Backyard Farm

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