“I don’t always have to pee, but when I do, it’s always right after you clean my cage!”

I’ve always wanted bunnies but never had the urge to look them up and see where I could adopt them until fur dad showed me pictures of a certain type, AND I FELL IN LOVE. AND I NEEDED ONE. LIKE THAT WEEKEND. WHATEVER IT TOOK. THEY WOULD BE MINE.

And it happened.

I just so happened to be looking at bunny adoptions and I was thinking, “Why don’t I just look at the Facebook sell group that I’m apart of and just check?”

And there it was. The perfect set up and bunnies, and the EXACT bunnies we wanted!

We adopted them from the nicest people ever and they offered up their bunny house, and two bunnies, along with the food, treats, and ice packs! It was a great deal and we had to have them! So we met them on a cold, Saturday morning in February and got to meet the family and the bunnies! We packed everything up, asked all the questions I could think of, and that was that…we were bunny owners, for the first time!


Walter is a male Holland Lop Bunny and is considered one of the smallest lop-eared breeds! He is between 2-3 years of age (so he’s in his teenage phase and it shows)! The previous owners adopted him and didn’t know the exact age, but is fixed and very shy! He was super timid when we first brought him home and wouldn’t let us hold him. This picture above was the only way he’d let us hold him!!

He loves breakfast time and tends to hog the food bowl! He loves carrots and romaine lettuce and he LOVES cilantro leaves! He will always come to you if you have food! And if you hand feed him, he’ll let you give him booty scratches!


Winnie is a female Lionhead Rabbit sheds so much!! She is about 2-3 years as well and her sassy teenage attitude shows! She is very friendly and will run up to you whether you have food or not! But, she doesn’t like to be held! So opposite of Walter. And, it depends on the day! She is not fixed so we are hoping to get another male so they can mate and we can have cute baby bunnies running around! But we’ve heard it’s hard to co exist new bunnies together, so that will be a challenge! She loves to eat, if Walter hasn’t taken all the carrots! I have to make sure she’s fed first, otherwise Walter will eat it all! She got so fury in the winter time and was shedding really bad and all the white is gone from her chest so now she’s just all black with a little white/grey!

She is very sassy as I’ve said and some mornings she’ll come over and love me and the next she refuses to eat! But, we love her and can’t wait for her to be a mom one day!

The bunny castle as I like to call it is great! It has two door latches (currently open in picture) and they can come off when we need to get in there to clean or feed them. The ladder came with it as well and they love running up and down it! They have a ladder inside and they can go upstairs if they’d like which as a vented window and an area for hay. They loved it up there in the winter time! It has a tile down for the flooring, which is easy to clean, and they have an area to poop down into the bucket you can see pictured on the left side (they don’t use it well…not potty trained). We put the castle in a very shady area under our Grandmother Willow tree in the corral and we also bought a dog fence, which you can see pictured) so they can roam free inside the area.

The bunnies love cooler weather, so this Texas summer heat isn’t ideal but we provide plenty of shade, fresh water, and ice packs! They love the ice packs made from PVC pipes and glue! We added water and bleach inside of it so the water doesn’t get nasty and they just freeze in our outside freezer/refrigerator and we switch it out twice a day! In the winter time, we add blankets and more hay down and upstairs so they can stay decently warm on chilly nights!

They are both currently on some hay, veggie and pellet diet! We use Timothy hay from Tractor Supply. Any veggies, like carrots, cucumbers, romaine, all come from Sprouts with no plastic waste. And their timothy hay pellets come from Pets Mart or Amazon.

One day, when they are ready and we are ready, they will be able to roam free in the entire corral area and get to be with the chickens! For now they are here and it’s awesome! We hate using the word cage because we don’t like animals caged up but the chickens are still getting used to their coop and corral area and having to coexist with bunnies! It will take time but we are so happy with our adoption!


Here is their new home!!! “Down the Rabbit Hole: Bar & Lounge”