“Chickens, the pet that poops breakfast!”

Ever since we moved into our house, we’ve wanted chickens! We finally stopped wishing and starting doing!

Before we did anything, we went to the City of Denton and checked our pet/poultry/livestock laws, and we can have a total of 8 hens on our property! So we started the process. We built the fence corral inside of our fenced land from January 19 and 20th. Then a few weeks later we built the gate door and voilá, we had a corral!

Check this process out here

So now that we had the corral fenced in, it was time to build our chicken coop!

We found our chicken coop blueprints from The Creative Mom ! The plans were exact and to the point of everything we need to buy from Lowe’s! We started May 27, 2019 and we finished on July 6, 2019. We worked from sun up to sun down every Saturday and Sunday and sometimes during the week to finish the coop as our baby chicks hatched June 3, 2019!

Check out this process here

We chose our first chicks from My Pet Chicken and they are absolutely amazing! We picked four little ones and they hatched on June 3, 2019 and were delivered overnight and arrived by 10AM June 4, 2019!


Fur Dad’s little angel is a Blue Easter Egger named Zulu! She’s fun and full of leadership! She comes to dad’s calls and loves to be held! And she will literally poop on your shoulder! She has been a leader since day one and loves to let the other ladies follow her around!

*UPDATE* Zulu unfortunately passed away on July 27, 2019. You can say your goodbyes here.


Dorothy Gale is named after, yes you named it, “The Wizard of Oz”! She is our Cuckoo Bluebar Easter Egger she has been a shy little bird since day one! She never liked to be held or touched but as she’s gotten older, she has progressed! She loves bugs and will find them all over the yard and won’t share! She was also the slowest at understanding how to come down the ladder and go back up at night! But she follows right along with her sisters!


Millie Mae is our Snowy Easter Egger and is named after the oldest sister, Millie in the movie, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”. She was our little yellow fluff ball and was so silly when she was little! She has grown into this beautiful (so far) white coat and is a great leader now! She was the first one to understand how to go up and down the ladders for morning and night routines! They all followed her lead and we are so thankful for her! She loves to be held once she realized we weren’t the predators and after she saw that Zulu was okay when she was being held! She is a little dare devil now and loves to scare fur mom, me, when she flies up to the fence and looks likes she’s ready to escape the corral!


Scarlett O’Hara is our Green Queen Easter Egger is her name serves her right! She was our little yellow polka-dotted fur ball and was the Queen Bee from day one! She was the smallest so we think she needed to prove herself into the pecking order with her sisters! She has become more laid back as she has grown up and is more down to Earth and has a taken a backseat from the leader position! She has feathers on her feet so it always looks like she has bell bottoms on!

Our ladies are full of life and are about to start week 9 which means they have lived in the corral for about 3 full weeks now and have been outside free range for about 2 weeks! They are a handful and scare me every morning when I leave for work but they are always still in the corral when we get home!!

They are on their grower feed from Tractor Supply with some mixed in grit from Amazon. We put grit in their grower feed and their snacks so they can digest food properly! They also get a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar in their water every morning along with electrolytes from Tractor Supply in their ice water! They love tomatoes, scrambled eggs and cucumbers as a snack once a day!

In just a few short months, hopefully, they will be laying eggs!

2019 L-R: Zulu, Scarlett, Millie, Dorothy

Introducing new chicks!!! 8/25/2019

So what had happened was…We welcome four new baby chicks to our farm!!

nOe day we went to Tractor Supply for the bunnies hay and what did we see?? Baby chicks!! We literally stood for about an hour in the store and parking lot and decided to bring them home!


Zuzu Bailey is our Cuckoo Maran and is named after the little actress in “It’s A Wonderful Life”. She is very skittish!! She’ll come to our call for food but don’t try and pick her up! She’s slowly coming around to us! She will hopefully lay a dark brown egg!


Ms. Freckles is our Starlight Green Egger and she is the leader of this pack and WILL BE then leader of all when her time comes! She’s very loud and is not afraid!!! She will hopefully lay a beautiful color green egg!!


Shirley Mae Jones is our Ameraucana and she is named after the actress in the movie, “Oklahoma”! She is fierce but a little skittish, not as much as our Zuzu!! She will hopefully be laying blue/ blue slate eggs!


Sophie is our Sapphire Gem! She has been one with Ms. Freckles to not be afraid of us! She’s been one of the bravest ones and will definitely be in line to the throne! She should lay brown/creme color eggs!!

The newer ladies have been living in our guest room for the last 6 weeks! They have just moved outside and will be locked in the bottom of the coop for a good couple of weeks until they are released to the flock!!

Wish us luck!

UPDATE: 4/28/2020

All ladies are laying beautiful eggs and getting along just fine! The first few weeks were hectic because we were mixing two different flocks! But everyone is okay now !!

UPDATE: 5/16/2020

So…I’ve learned this chicken thing called ‘chicken math’. If want one, you buy 4?! It’s a crazy thing!

Welcome our new babies!!

These babies were purchased from our local feed store and hatched on April 30, 2020! We a lot a few breeds to chose from but these babies will all produce brown eggs! Most of our older ladies and middles all produce a green and blue egg! So this should even everything out! And their names were pretty cool!!


Etta is our Golden Comet and she is named after the actress in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids’!! She will hopefully be the first layer from this mini flock at 16 week and will produce a lot of medium-large brown eggs! She seems to be one of the leaders at this point and doesn’t seem to be too shy!!


Judy Hanes is our Dominique chicken and she is named after the actress in “White Christmas”! She seems to not be too shy of us! She comes when we do our chicken call and seems to be a leader along with Etta (above)! Judy will hopefully be producing medium, light brown eggs!


Sushi and Rolls are our twin Salmon Faverolles! We just loved the breed name so much and it sounded like sushi to me. So, we named one Sushi and one Rolls. I mean, you have too! These babies are supposed to be some of the cuddliest and funniest birds and we are hoping for that! They are supposed to lay medium sized light brown eggs!!

Update: September 13, 2020 : the littles are doing great, they have not produced eggs yet but they are almost there!

L-R : Sushi, Judy, Etta and Rolls

Cheers to our chicks!! That’s 11 and counting….