“My garden is the most beautiful masterpiece.”-Claude Monet

May 2020

We finally did it!! We made my first garden EVER!!

We bought the materials for the raised garden bed from Lowe’s! The boards cost around $20-$30 and we just made a box and drilled it together!

We mowed and picked weeds where we set the box at. We already had the garden liner and we just stapled that into the box!

The dirt we used was a compost dirt blend that we bought in bulk for about $30!

We then planted our first seeds of cucumbers, carrots, and different types of lettuce greens. The lettuce greens did not sprout so we cleaned up the garden and added tomato plants and different variety of peppers!

It’s definitely been a learning process but we’ve had so much produce for our beginner garden! We used some tomatoes for homemade salsa and chicken snacks! Our cucumbers were a HUGE hit and we pickled them and put them up for sale! The peppers went to our salsa and the carrots are still in progress!


We then took over a friends garden that was on the other side of the house and we are currently getting that ready for the fall/winter garden!!

We built our first trellis for the new cucumbers I’m growing from seed!

September 12, 2020