We are so super excited to announce that we are officially Potbellied Pig mom and dad! We adopted her on November 23, 2019!

We were at the reptile convention to adopt more tortoises on that Saturday morning and we had no idea our lives would change for the better!

We were just about to leave the convention because we had already adopted our two new torts, Kosmo and Koopa, and we saw this guy caring around this thing! We both said, “was that a pig?!!”

Sure enough it was a pig and we were like, huh that’s interesting! So as we were walking out, we saw a sign that said, “Live Animals for Sale”. So, of course, we went through just to see and there she was! She was in a little play pen and when fur dad picked her up, he fell in love and say, “yup we are bringing her home!”

We found out that she was only 3-4 weeks old when we brought her home so she is eating two times a day. We heat up about 3/4cup of water and mix in 1 scoop of Unimilk with 2 tablespoons of her pellets from Purina Match . She loves it! We don’t want to over feed her right now so she really isn’t getting any treats or kitchen scraps. She has tried carrots and cheerios!

We also found out that she was one of three survivors during birth. The mother pig rolled over onto all the baby piglets and Suzy and her two brothers were the only ones to survive. She came with some cuts and scabs but she is healing fine and we’ve been applying Neosporin to the areas!

We also talked to our exotic vet and he said that with her size and age, she looks like a mini pot bellied pig. If we don’t over feed her, she’ll only get about 50-60 lbs!

She has been a handful but we are so in love!! She already has fur dad wrapped around her fingers and she gets along great our dog, AU the labradoodle! We are so excited to watch her grow!

We have given her the guest room which she shares with the tortoises! We took down our guest bed, cleaned, and baby proofed all electrical outlets and wires from the tortoises so she could have more space to roam and root!

We also built her a piggy play pen, which will be filled with play pen balls and sandpaper (to help file her hooves down)! That way she isn’t whining and crying during the day and she has something to do while we are gone.

You can find the DIY Piggy Play Pen here

Welcome to the CK Backyard Farm Suzy, you’ll fit in just right!!!


26 weeks old! Living outside now!

April 25, 2020-the day she moved outside!! We finally have built her a home in the corral with the chickens and bunnies and she loves it! She loves being outside with the wind in her face and eating AS MUCH grass as possible!!

Click here for the break down of her outside home!