“It’s just a dog.” Um first off, that’s my child.

A puppy is more than just an animal. It’s that type of love when you get home from a long day at work and no matter what kind of mood you are in, the dog still loves you. I could be screaming so loud and the dog will still be licking my face. It’s that kind of love that makes us love dogs so much!

I’ve always had dogs growing up but they were never my own dog! Technically the dog we have now isn’t mine either, he adopted me! He welcomed me with open arms and now takes my side on certain matters!

AU, pronounced ‘hey-you’ or how it literally sounds, ‘aye you’, is our 3 year old Labradoodle! He was adopted in May of 2016 by Fur Dad and has been his baby ever since! AU has an amazing personality, a hungry belly, and so much love to give! He’s not really much of a guard dog because he loves everyone. So, if he barks and growls at you, we don’t like you either!! Just kidding, but for real, dogs have a great sense of people.

AU is a first generation meaning his mom is a straight black Labrador and his dad is a silver standard Poodle. This means that he sheds just a little bit and looks like a poodle a lot and sometimes he doesn’t! He’s not as fluffy as other popular Labradoodles but he’s perfect just the way he is!

He has been here since the beginning of our mini farm transformation so he deserves all the credit and all the hugs for putting up with us working every single weekend for the last 7 months!! We can’t wait for him to run around freely with all of the animals once everything is set in stone and the chicks and bunnies are not afraid of him anymore! We also can’t wait to get him sibling!!!

AU, July 2019

Then there’s Koda…


Koda is a Great Dane that we adopted on March 28, 2020!

She has been a handful but she has been all worth it! She’s currently in the teething stage so she’s biting anything and everything, even her brother AU!

She is learning to potty train and she can sit! We can’t wait to watch her grow (literally) bigger than her big brother!

UPDATE!!! September 13, 2020

From 2 months to 5 months
7months update!!