“I turtley need more coffee!”

So, I don’t know who made that up and I know we don’t have turtles but…

WE HAVE TORTOISES!..and we love coffee.

I’ve always wanted a tortoise and it wasn’t until I met Fur Dad that I ever thought about actually getting one, and he’s the first SO to say, “yes, let’s get a tortoise”.

We currently have four baby tortoises and they are just so much fun! I mean, as much fun as you can have with a baby tortoise! It hasn’t always been easy with our tortoise mini farm (in our guest bedroom) but we are still so in love with these tiny dinosaurs!


Sir Kinglsey is a Leopard Tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis) and he has had a crazy year and a half with us! When we adopted him back in January of 2018, he was just a little guy and we didn’t know too much about tortoises! We researched and researched weeks before we decided to get one. And actually, I was surprised with him! Fur dad took me to the @repticonreptileshows and we were there “just to look” and I saw Kingsley and fur dad said “he’s yours”! I literally cried the whole time! So we brought him home and about 6 months of having him, he started showing signs of illness. He was not eating his food or drinking water and we would find him in the same spot that he was in the morning, in the afternoon. So we took him to a reptile vet and they said he had a calcium deficiency and that he basically had 2 months to live. We hadn’t been giving him proper nutrition and lighting. So we immediately did so much more research than before and got him #mazuri and #calciumpowder and bought him some new UVB ray lights and we had to hand feed him calcium medicine! It was a scary 2 months but he pulled through! I think adopting 2 more tortoises really helped too. He follows them around and is eating healthy again, drinking water (he loves bath time) and he’s gained his weight back from 44 grams (at his sickest level) to now a 55 grams! His shell is still super soft and he basically won’t grow anymore. The other babies are a year younger and twice his size and weight! But we still believe in him and he is doing great!

**UPDATE** Sir Kingsley has passed away on September 29, 2019. Say your goodbyes here


Sir Kirby is a Leopard Tortoise just like Kingsley! We adopted him from the same vendor at the Repticon Reptile Show in Dallas, Texas, just like Kinglsey! We took him home on January 2019 and he was the last non original shell tortoise of his kind! So he’s only a little over 7 months old and he’s a little bit bigger than Kingsley (shows how sick Kings was)! He’s always hungry and was a little shy when we first got him! Now, he loves snack time and is always trying to escape from the bath! He likes to use Kingsley as a step stool to get out of their bath bowl, which he has successfully done twice! He weighs about 70 grams right now and is growing healthy! He hasn’t show any signs of what Kingsley had when we first got him! Kirby is full of life and we can’t wait until he gets bigger!


The pictures don’t do him justice! Ragnar is an African spurred tortoise (Centrochelys sulcata), also called the sulcata tortoise! We adopted him from the same vendor as Kingsley and Kirby and he was the most energetic of the bunch! This is Fur Dad’s shell baby! He knew going into the show that he wanted a Sulcata named Ragnar (from the show Vikings)! When we arrived we picked out Kirby and then all of a sudden, there was this baby tortoise climbing all over his brother and sisters and literally ran from one side of the enclosure to the next. Fur Dad said, “he looks like he’s on crack…we’ll take him!!” All jokes aside, he was exactly what we wanted! We were told that by month 6 of having all the tortoises in the same enclosure, wed have to separate them due to Ragnar bullying during feeding time (just his natural instinct). We are on month 7 and we haven’t seen any real signs of bullying. He’s definitely bigger than the other two and there are times when the Leopards will back off the food plate, but we just move Ragnar to his own and he doesn’t care, he’ll eat what’s in front of him! He is 7 months old and weighs about 180 grams…compared to the 70g and 55g that his brothers are!! He’s also a digger! He loves to dig the freshly brushed dirt that I have just leveled and he loves to dig under the humidity area box we have in the enclosure! Makes us wonder what he’ll due in the backyard in a few years!


We recently adopted two more tortoises on November 23, 2019! We went to another reptile convention but our normal vender was not there! So we went with Rancho De Tortuga ! We adopted two little Sulcata tortoises, just like our Ragnar! We were told they were 8-12 weeks old but they seem a little smaller! We think they were about 6 weeks old…but who can tell! We named them Kosmo and Koopa!

Kosmo is the taller one with the thicker brown lining and Koopa is the wider one with a thinner brown lining on the shells! They are both super active and shells are still a little soft! So they are getting a bath/soak every single day and monitoring their weight! They are weighing in at about 46-50 g right now!! We are just so in love with how tiny they are!!

All the tortoises have definitely changed in these last 7 months and we are so in love them! They are all on a green leaf, mustard green, and dandelion green diet! Every day they get chopped up leaves with Mazuri and Grassland mixture sprinkled on top! They also get calcium powder sprinkled onto of greens and mixture two times a week! And, everyday during their bath/soak time, we sprinkle in some extra calcium using the liquid calcium form! They get snacks usually about once a week and that can consist of strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots! They are also getting plenty of UVB rays from their day lamps, and heat from their red heat lamps!!

BY THE WAY, we don’t know if they are boys or girls yet! So one day we’ll either be able to tell on their bellies whether they are indented and longer (female) or shorter (male) OR we will have tortoise babies one morning when we go feed them, or we’ll never have babies and they’re all the same gender!! I want to do a gender reveal once we find out!!