Farm to Table

Welcome to the CK Backyard Farm- Farm Stand! Here you will find all information on ingredients, disclaimers and recommendations for all of our products in the farm stand!

**LOTS OF NEW FACES AND QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR FARM AND WHAT WE OFFER-it is winter, so that means our garden is not open which means we don’t have a lot of what’s available below.

Please read each item or just what you want! It will tell availability!

*WE POST EVERY MONDAY ON OUR FACEBOOK WHATS AVAILABLE FOR THAT WEEK. Please check our social media before ordering 🙂

*Our products are carefully created in our home kitchen that is not inspected by local or state health organizations!


*Our chicken eggs are from our own backyard!! Our ladies lay medium-large blue, green, and brown eggs! They are hand gathered and contain no added hormones! We clean and prep them ourselves and they can have fun stamps using ink that is safe! You can always ask for them not to be washed or stamped!

*We have regular sized chicken eggs or bantam chicken chickens available. Bantam eggs are much smaller and it’s about 2-3 bantam eggs equal a regular sized egg. $3 for bantam 12pck

*Our chickens are cage free, free range, pasture raised! They eat normal Dumor chicken feed. They are given treats and sometimes kitchen scratch.

*Eggs are available when they’re available. Not every week is the same. Please check our social media to see what’s available


Pickled Eggs- we pickle our eggs in our phenomenal brine that can consist of vinegar, water, sugar, dill, onions, garlic, spices, and peppers from our garden. They take between 8-10days to pickle!

Deviled Eggs- we boil the eggs and Devil them in our own family recipe! You can ask for them fried, pickled, or regular!


*Our salsa is freshly made in our home kitchen! We use tomato, green chilis, onion, garlic, cilantro, lime juice and salt! Each heat flavor contains different amounts of jalapeño, habanero and Serrano peppers! The reaper includes Carolina reaper peppers and sometimes ghost peppers when they are in season!


*The cucumbers are straight from the garden! We pickle them in our very simple brine that can include: water, vinegar, salt, dill, garlic and a variety of jalapeños, serranos, and habaneros.

They are out of season between November-April.


We finally have mastered the sourdough bread technique. Now mind you, I’m not a professional at all!

Our starter is named Burt and he has done wonders! He’s made of flour, water, salt, and starter. I’ve not mastered flavoring the dough yet with seeds. Will become available soon!

RIP Burt-our starter is named Ernie

You can order farm fresh which means I would bake him that morning of pick up or delivery! OR you can order frozen, which we have tested out and it tastes just like it was baked that morning!

Regular Sourdough– flour, water, salt, starter Cinnamon Pumpkin Sourdough– flour, water, salt, pumpkin purée, honey, starter Cinnamon Sugar Sourdough- flour, water, salt, starter, cinnamon, brown sugar. Jalapeño Cheddar Sourdough-flour, water, salt, starter, jalapeños from our garden, cheddar cubes.


*Our cucumbers come from our own garden! We pickle the cucumbers in our brine for about 7-8 days and can water bathe them to increase the shelf life! Our brine can include: water, white vinegar, pickling salt, dill, garlic, different amounts of habanero and serrano peppers, and our pickling spice!

*We boil the eggs and pickle them for about 7-10 days! We then make the deviled part from a secret family recipe that can include: the boiled yolk, mustard, mayo, worchestshire sauce, and spices. We do need a TWO WEEK order notification before you want them! 1 week to make sure we have enough eggs and then boil/brine/ and pickle and another to make sure we have deviled ingredients!

*These jalapeños are straight from our garden!! We pickle them in the Pickled Cucumber brine and they pickle for about 7 days! They are delicious and perfect to add to your homemade burger off the grill! These are a summer/fall item. Not available November-April.

*The asparagus is currently not from the farm but we buy farm fresh and they take about 7-8 days to pickle and we the brine we use can include: vinegar, sugar, salt, mustard seed, dill seed and onions.

*The carrots are pickled in our cucumber brine for about 7-8 days and come in a 32oz jar. Our carrots are seasonal. This item is not available November-April.

*pickled radish are pickled in a vinegar, sugar, water, salt mixture with spices! These take about 7-10days to brine and only come in a 16oz jar. These are a summer seasonal item. This item is not available November-April.


Our radish is homegrown straight from our raised bed garden! We have a variety of different types and they can be bundled or pickled.

2022 season: Red original, purple plum, black Spanish, white icicle

These are only in season in Summer and Fall. This item is not available November-April.



*we will always accept clean egg cartons or jars

*we will always accept your tags back from your items with the twine


*Chicken Eggs : our farm fresh eggs are fresh and cleaned before they arrive to you! they will last about 2-3 months as long as they are refrigerated!

*Pickled Eggs: We recommend refrigerating them immediately and refrigerate at all times, unless it’s time to serve them! We also recommend eating them within 3-4 months!

*Pickled & Deviled Eggs: We recommend eating asap! They will do fine going back in the refrigerator but we recommend eating them and not leaving them out for a long period of time!

*Homemade Salsa : We use very fresh ingredients! Our recommendation is to immediately refrigerate it due to lack of preservatives in jar! We also recommend eating it within 10 days due to the freshness of the ingredients!

*Pickled Cucumbers (Homemade Pickles): If water bathed, the jars shelf life increases to around 6 months whether they are refrigerated or not! Once opened, We recommend refrigerating the pickled cucumbers at all times! We also recommend eating within 2-3weeks!

*Sourdough Bread: If you’re buying FROZEN: it can stay frozen for up to 3 months! We recommend reheating at 320degrees Fahrenheit for 20-30 mins or until internal temperature is around 194degrees Fahrenheit. -If you’re buying FRESH: it’s shelf life is between 3-6 days! We recommend eating before 7 days for ultimate freshness! -The Cinnamon Pumpkin sourdough bread seems to stale much faster! The fresh shelf life is about 2-3days!

*Pickled Asparagus: We recommend refrigerating immediately and eating within 3-4 weeks.

*Pickled Carrots: We recommend refrigerating immediately and eating within 3-4 weeks.

*Pickled Radish-We recommend refrigerating and they can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 4 months.

Delivery / Pick Up

Delivery is currently is not available at this time!

Pick up at the farm = FREE

*day of pick up is when we send you information about address and payment info!

We are currently not shipping any orders. All orders are delivered in the DFW area (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas) *unless special occasion.

*Orders are currently being processed on our Instagram or Facebook . Please message us with an order and we will get you on the list! You may also email us over at


We are not professionals. We did not go to school for agriculture. I Google everything when I have questions.

I do this because I want to. I want to give back and give people an opportunity to buy local sources farm items. I enjoy growing items and making items and selling items to my community.

We don’t have a luxury store front in town. We don’t have farm hands who come and help on the weekends. It’s just us.

Please be patient and kind 🙂

All orders are final. No returns!

*Our products are carefully created in our home kitchen that is not inspected by local or state health organizations!