Saying Goodbye

 It is with great sorrow that I announce we have lost one of our own. On Wednesday, July 31, 2019, We lost Zulu, our Blue Easter Egger to a freak accident. A dog (not our AU) got to her. Our chicks have been super brave lately as they’ve been jumping up onto the ledge of the fence corral inside of our backyard fence. So, even if they get out of the corral, they’re still safe in our backyard. Well, their dog was let out and chicks got out and they found her.

It truly breaks our hearts and we’ve been in mourning ever since we found out.
Zulu was a great leader as a little chick and let Millie Mae kind of take more control as they grew up in these last few weeks! But she still lead our group of chicks and was always the first to greet us in the morning. She also was the culprit who would stand in the snack bowl and dig it all up so the snack would end up on the ground…and it used to make me sooo mad. But, now, I wish she was here, dumping her snack bowl.

This is our first time as chicken owners and we are learning everyday. It’s hard to get different animal species to coexist, especially ones that aren’t ours. We are in mourning and as we’ve learned and researched, other chicks in the flock know sadness too. So we are hoping this incident hasn’t traumatized them. AU our labradoodle is definitely saddened by the news as well. He either saw all of it happen or he knows we are super sad. So he’s been so cuddly and loving on us, knowing it’s exactly what we needed in a time like this. All we can do is move forward and learn from this lesson.

Zulu, we miss you so much and it’s just not the same without our fourth! We hope you are in chicken heaven and having so many snacks and mealworms to eat 🖤🐓🌺

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