DIY Fence Corral and Gate

When we first moved into our home, we knew we wanted an area for our mini farm! We have this perfect Grandmother Willow tree in a back corner of the backyard! So we measured it out and decided that’s where our animals would roam free!

we measured out our 650-750 square foot area
fence posts are 4×4 – the boards are 2×6 -post base from Lowe’s
chicken wire on the inside stapled
fence painted white, fence on top 3/4 inch pvc pipe with meshed rolled fencing from Lowe’s
2×2 for the perimeter and fence paneling for door
hinges and lock from Lowe’s

We are obsessed with our mini farm corral! In all the corral fence has cost us an estimated $300 total for a DIY!

4×4 fence posts = here

2×6 boards for fence = here

chicken wire surrounding fence = here

gate hinges= here gate lock= here

green post= here

3×4 pvc pipe= here

green mesh netting = here

fence panels= we had extra fence panels from when we built our backyard fence!

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