DIY Indoor Tortoise Enclosure

Tortoises don’t need too much space but they need more than a small fish tank. So, fur dad built us our own tortoise enclosure and we just love it!


-one 4×8 3/4inch red oak plywood

-three 2×3 boards

-chicken wire

-pond lining


-staples/staple gun


-we measured our oak plywood 6ft by 2ft by 2ft and screwed together to create the box

-measure your desired length between the dirt and the lighting. Our lighting is about 19 inches above the dirt and tortoises.

-two 2×3 planks on each side hold up two 2×3 planks across the length of the entire enclosure.

-chicken wire was placed over the the top of two planks that will hold up the lighting.

-we stapled the pond lining into the bottom of the box that’s about 1 ft deep and it sits above the dirt

-we added a little hide box that we made from extra plywood…we just measured the inside of the box width/helight/length and the top is not attached

TAAADAAA! Tortoise enclosure!

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