DIY Outdoor Tortoise Mini Enclosure

Sometimes, when the weather is nice enough, we like to take the tortoises outside but don’t want to lose them in the grass!

We actually got this idea from a guy we follow and love, Backyard Rancher . He has this mini enclosure and we decided to create our own!


-two 2×6 boards (always get an extra one incase you mess up 🙂 )

-one 1×1 board

chicken wire


-staples/staple gun


-measure your 2×6 boards to the square foot box you want. Ours is about 3ft by 2 ft. Drill those together to make a box.

-we measured the 1×1 to be about the width of the box and we drilled two of those into the sides so the chicken wire doesn’t bend in

-chicken wire was stapled into the bottom and you’re done. It was really simple and an easy mini box for them to get some sun rays!

We always add a little water bowl to the outside mini box enclosure!

We also have a lot of wood just laying around the shed so we put up a small board on half of it just so the tortoises have the option of sun bathing or not. Our mini box enclosure is also dog proof…unless your dog is untrained and pees wherever they want 🙂

TAAADAAA! Mini outdoor box enclosure for the littles!

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