DIY Pig Pen

We FINALLY built Suzy the Potbellied Pig her home outside! She was getting too big for our guest bedroom! So here is our DIY Pig Pen! It turned out better than I ever thought!! Fur Dad did an awesome job with his blueprints of what he wanted and I, of course, added my finishing touch on it!

Her area in the corral is an 8ft x 8ft area! She’s fenced in with chicken wire on top due to the chickens trying to get in!!

Suzy’s Home
24in x 48in
25in x 36 in x 48 in

The door is great for her now because she’s not so big. Later down the road, we will have to cut that door wider and taller pr probably build her a new home!

Suzy’s Home!
We adding roofing that’s super cheap and will help with rain!

She is LOVING it out her! Her first couple of nights she has not fought it and we found her asleep in her home the second night!!

Will add more pics when the decorations come in!!

2 thoughts on “DIY Pig Pen”

  1. Hi Katy! I think your farm is absolutely adorable! And I love how you and your hubby lovingly made individual homes for your farm animals. I’m from Los Angeles so we don’t see many farms here. Best of luck and may God prosper you and your family!


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