Cricut Decals and Stickers -Signs By Katy

Aren’t looking for hand written signs? You’ve come to the right place!

Cricut Decals are beautifully designed and cut to fit your vision! You’ll pick a style, font and size and we’ll put together your vinyl stickers!

Cricut Decals come in a sticker form! We use Removable Vinyl, Permanent Vinyl and Iron On! Depending on the size and color of the style and font, the prices will be different!


Cricut Vinyl Stickers / Decals

These can be removable or permanent for your wedding, birthday, or events. We also sell stickers by the half inch.

We sell our vinyl decals by the half inch. I will fit your decal on the mat in the smallest area as I can. Example: if your decal fits in a 5in x 5in it’s $4.50 total


They used White Removable Vinyl that exceeded our 24in long. It was 41inH x 12inW = $20 Then the flower vine was a different cut that was 15inH x 4inL = $9
This is our White Frame 1.
They used an acrylic sheet and added Black Removable Vinyl.
2 different fonts and used about 9inH x 12inW of vinyl = $10
These Santa Plates are from our Holiday Collections that you can find here . They used Black Permanent Vinyl which was about 12inW x 12inL = $11.50 if you just want the sticker. Wood and paint came separately. This is sold as a whole for $15
This Merry Christmas wood plate is from our Holiday Collections that you can find here . This was black permanent vinyl decal and used about 3inH x 12inL = $7 if you just want the sticker. The whole plate itself is $15

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