Frames / Mirrors / Acrylic Sheets -Signs By Katy

Not wanting a traditional chalkboard look for you wedding, birthday, or corporate event? We have picture frames, mirrors and acrylic sheets that are gorgeous for your next event!

Here’s what you can do to each: FRAMES: Each come empty so we can attach signs to them or an acrylic sheet. We will not paint the frames, they come as is. MIRRORS: Mirrors can come with only Cricut decal stickers that can be removed after your event. We will NOT add paint or paint the color of the mirror. They come as is. ACRYLIC SHEETS: Can be any measurement you need. Prices will differ for each size. We can paint the back and add chalkboard writing or Cricut Decal stickers to the front.

Frames, mirrors and acrylic sheets can come with hand written signage or Cricut Decal Stickers. You can check out our Cricut Designs HERE



Example of our White Frame 1 for a wedding shower in Nov 2021. It came with an acrylic sheet and Cricut decal Sticker


Bridal Shower entrance sign -They added an acrylic sheet to the frame, chalkboard paint, and cricut decal stickers
Gold Clear Frame does come with Glass Sheet


Gold Frame 4 with Rustic Mini Easel
Paint Color: Rose
Handwritten White Chalkboard Marker



Acrylic Sheets come in the size you want! Each sheet is different price. PAINT: Painting is FREE! You can leave empty or paint one side of the sheet.Pock your color paint and we will match! We get all of our paint from Michaels/ Hobby Lobby. We can use acrylic paint with a matte or glossy look! HANDWRITING: Handwritten signage on the sheet is free. I do my best to match the type of font you want! I normally use white chalk aboard markers. You can choose any color and we can match the best we can! CRICUT DECAL: Cricut Decals will increase price of the acrylic sheet! I normally use Removable Vinyl, unless you’re wanting to buy the sheet and sign from us, then we can use a Permanent Vinyl. See all Cricut things HERE


This acrylic sheet is 28inH x 22inL and is painted Black. THIS COMES AS IS and we will not paint over. $15 total


They left this 14inH x 11inL sheet clear and added a Cricut Vinyl Sticker !

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